iRobot Roomba 875 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

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Have we entered the world of science fiction, where robots walk among us? Well, not quite, but with the Roomba 875, part of iRobot’s award-winning 800 series, you could easily believe it. This little robot vacuum cleaner takes all the effort out vacuuming. Literally.

How it Works

This robotic cleaner uses complex software to clean your home automatically. It combines pre-programmed settings with on-board intelligence, allowing it to navigate a room and thoroughly clean all the areas the device can access.

Side brushes and rollers gather up dirt, dust, hair and anything else you don’t want littering your carpet. An internal bin and filter hold everything the 875 collects, which is quick and easy to empty.

Watching your little Roomba trundle around your room, its path may look random. It will clean until it reaches an obstacle and start in another direction. However, iAdapt Responsive Navigation Technology means the Roomba will clean every accessible area for you.

All you really need to do is push the ‘clean’ button and away it goes.

Round Robot

The Roomba 875 features a circular design, letting it get into all the awkward nooks and crannies in your home. It also allows the vacuum cleaner to pivot easily in any direction, easily removing stubborn debris in any area of the room.

Its low height allows it to get into places that conventional vacuuming can’t normally reach. As long as there’s enough room, the 875 will clean under cupboards, tables – even your sofa.

Scheduled Cleaning

While watching the Roomba at work can be extremely satisfying, you may want it to clean a room while you’re out of the house. The 875 can do just that. Programme in a schedule for the robot vacuum cleaner to follow and come home to lovely clean floors.

The Roomba allows you to schedule up to seven cleaning sessions per week.


The vacuum’s AeroForce cleaning system is effective on a wide variety of floor surfaces, leaving them sparkling clean. It uses a combination of three different technologies to deliver fantastic results.

Rubber, tangle free extractors help to clean floors by gripping and breaking down debris. These are suitable for any floor type.

The Airflow Accelerator allows for a high level of suction right at floor level, concentrating the airflow to allow for more effective cleaning.

Finally, the motor is compact and efficient, delivering amazing performance time and time again.

Rubber Sides

As the Roomba navigates the room by coming into contact with obstacles and objects, the edges of the vacuum cleaner have a rubber surface, which helps to prevent any damage to furniture or items that may be in its path.

Dirt Detection

While the Roomba normally navigates in seemingly random directions, Dirt Detection allows for an incredibly thorough clean. When a particularly grubby area is detected, the Roomba enters a Persistent Pass mode, moving back and forth over the same area repeatedly to ensure all the dirt is cleaned away.

Automatic Docking and Charging

When the 875 needs charging, you don’t need to hunt under the sofa or behind cabinets to plug it in. The Roomba navigates its way back to the charging dock and will automatically connect itself up.

Cliff Detection

Worried about stairs or sudden drop-offs? The 875 comes with Cliff Detection, which prevents your precious new appliance from taking a tumble. The Roomba will thoroughly clean up the edge, without going over it.

The 875 also comes with a Dual Mode Virtual Wall. This device acts as a barrier to giving you more control where the Roomba cleans. Place in a doorway to stop the robot from crossing into the next room or use the Halo mode to create a 'no-clean zone' around that priceless Ming Dynasty vase.

Allergy Sufferers and Pet Lovers

The Roomba 875 is perfect for both allergy sufferers and pet owners alike. The Aeroforce cleaning system is excellent at picking up hair and dust, removing these annoying allergens from your home.

It also makes use of HEPA filters, which mean that air coming back out of the device is fresher and cleaner.

While many appliances make household chores easier, very few remove the need for you to do them altogether. The Roomba 875 does exactly that. Order yours today.


Motor 33 W
Bagless / bagged Bagless
Filtration HEPA
On Board Tools FilterBrush
Application/Usage Home
Floor Type CarpetTile FloorHard Floor
Colour Black
Height 9.2 cm
Limited Warranty 2 Year
Diameter 353 mm